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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Boldenone

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Boldenone

Large Image :  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Boldenone

Verified Supplier


Verified Supplier


Detailed Product Description
CAS: 13103-34-9 Other Name: Equipoise
Appearance: Yellow Liquid Assay: 99%
Usage: Muscle Gaining Package: 1kg/aluminium Foil Bag Or As Required
Market: Global Sample: Free
High Light:

active pharma ingredients


pharmaceutical raw material

13103-34-9 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Boldenone Undecylenate / Equipoise / EQ



Quick details:


Product Name Boldenone undecylenate
Synonyme BOLDENONE-10-UNDECENOATE;boldenone undec-10-enoate;BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATE;DEHYDROTESTOSTERONE UNDECYLENATE;1-DEHYDROTESTOSTERONE UNDECYLENATE;17b-hydroxyandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one 10-undecenoate;17b-[(1-oxo-10-undecenyl)oxy]-androsta-1,4-dien-3-one;17-HYDROXYANDROSTA-1,4-DIENE-3-ONE-17-UNDECENOATE
CAS 13103-34-9
MF C30H44O3
MW 452.67
EINECS 236-024-5
Product Categories Steroids;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Steroid and Hormone;Finished Steroid and Hormone;API
Mol File 13103-34-9.mol

Effects of Equipoise:


  • Boldenone undecylenate / Equipoise / EQ,The effects of Equipoise are fairly straightforward. This is a generally well-tolerated anabolic steroid that presents notable anabolic activity in most users in a clean and even fashion. Outside of performance enhancement use, Boldenone did enjoy some success as a human grade steroid for a time.


  • Boldenone undecylenate / Equipoise / EQ,Equipoise can add quality lean mass gains, but they will not come overnight, and will fall short of many anabolic steroids. Steroids likeDeca Durabolin will produce far greater mass results, as will steroids like Anadrol and Dianabol; this steroid may very well help you consume the excess calories needed for off-season growth. 


  • Boldenone undecylenate / Equipoise / EQ,Equipoise is also well-noted for promoting increases in strength. An increase in strength can be very beneficial to an off-season mass plan, but perhaps more beneficial to the enhancement of athletic performance.. Regardless of the desired purpose of use, all who supplement with Equipoise will enjoy these related benefits.


  • Boldenone undecylenate / Equipoise / EQ,Equipoise can also be used as a cutting steroid;  This anabolic steroid is an excellent protectant of lean muscle mass. In order to lose body fat, you must burn more calories than you consume, you must be in a caloric deficit, and this will hold true with or without anabolic steroid use.


Formula Of Boldenone undecylenate:


  • Boldenone undecylenate for 10 grams (50ml @ 200mg/ml )

(EQ is actually liquid at room temp.)

10 grams EQ
41 ml oil
1.5 ba 3% BA
Sterile Vial
Whatman sterile filter


  • Boldenone Undecanoate 62.50g (73.75ml) 125ml (500mg/ml)

Grapeseed oil: 23.75ml
Benzyl Alcohol: 2.5ml
Benzyl Benzoate: 25ml


Specifications of Equipoise:




Description  Slight yellow oily liquid. yellow oily liquid
Solubility  Almost insoluble in water,soluble in vegetable oil. Conforms
Identification IR,TLC Positive
Assay 97.0%min 98.19%
Specific Rotation  +28°~+35° +33.4°
Volatile Impurities  0.5%max 0.22%
Water Content  0.5%max 0.28%
Residue On Ignition 0.1%max 0.06%
Related Substance 3.0%max <3.0%
Free acid 0.5%max 0.16%
Density 1.020~1.035 1.030
Heavy Metals 10PPm max <10PPm
Endotoxin Bacterium Undetectable Undetectable
Conclusion The specification conform with enterprise standard




Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Boldenone


Dosages Of Boldenone undecylenate:


  • For men, Boldenone undecylenate / Equipoise / EQ,the average dose is 400-600mgs per week, but I’ve seen guys go up to 1000mgs per week as long as cycle aids were used.

  • For women, Boldenone undecylenate / Equipoise / EQ,the average dose is 25-50mgs per week, but you have to be very careful. If you see heavy side effects, discontinue EQ or lower dosages.



  1. Payment: T/T. West union. Moneygram . Bank transfer. Bitcoin
  2. Packing: under 20kg in discreet packing or customized. Above 50kg, If need, ship by air or sea is also OK. Full set of documents are available.
  3. Delivery: DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FedEX(in 4-7 working days reach your hands)
  4. Delivery time: in 24 hours after payment.


About us:


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Equipoise / EQ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients CAS13103-34-9 Boldenone undecylenate
Equipoise / EQ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients CAS13103-34-9 Boldenone undecylenate
Equipoise / EQ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients CAS13103-34-9 Boldenone undecylenate
Equipoise / EQ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients CAS13103-34-9 Boldenone undecylenate


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Boldenone



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